100R2 2-wire Hydraulic Hose

100R16 Hydraulic Hose


Weatherhead interchange aftermarket hydraulic fittings

Parker Interchange aftermarket hydraulic fittings

100R2 - 2-Wire Hydraulic Hose

"Bargain Priced" for as low as 94 ¢ per foot.

Quality 100R2/2SN Hydraulic Hose

100R16 - 2-Wire Hydraulic Hose

The preferred two-wire hydraulic hose "Bargain Priced" for as low as 94 ¢ per foot.

100R16/2SC two-wire hydraulic hose. This hose is more flexible than 100R2 hose and carries the same working pressure.

2-Wire Weatherhead Interchange

Made in the USA hydraulic hose couplings. This series is similar to the Weatherhead "U" series and Parker "HY" series.

Fittings are made by Kurt Manufacturing or Couplamatic Systems. Products shipped is at our discretion at the time of sale.

Parker 43 and Eaton Z Series Interchange

Bite to the wire hose couplings similar to Parker 43 series, Eaton Weatherhead Z series or Aeroquip Match Mate series.

Parker, Weatherhead, Gates and Aeroquip

If you  prefer Parker, Weatherhead, Gates or Aeroquip fittings, check out our Surplus inventory of over 30,000 fittings.

Quality: The standard of a product as measured against its competitors.

Compare for yourself:

The only true benchmark for quality is a direct comparison of products by the consumer.

Try our Balflex Premium two-wire hydraulic hose type 100R16/2SC.

Better Price, Better Quality. That is Balflex Hose.

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